November 01, 2014

A lot of my design process is influenced by where I live. I think that is true for most of us - our surroundings are such a big part of who we are and what we do. Still, it's new to me to be this connected to my surroundings. Growing up in an unusual way, moving around so often between cities and countries, sort of made me indifferent to where I lived. Not that I didn't care about what was around me - but as long as I was living in a city with good coffee and transportation near by, I was good to go. 


Then about eight years ago, my husband started talking about moving. He'd lived in Jerusalem his whole life and wanted to try something new. Something different. He promised we'd only be trying it out, that if we didn't like it we could always move back, that it might be good for us. So we packed our bags and moved to temporary housing (a small caravan that we've been calling home for eight years) in a small village in the south of Israel.

Living here has not been easy. There isn't much happening here, not many people, and the long winding roads just go on and on for no apparent reason. Our families don't live close by, the friends we had complain about the distance, and many (many) times we've contemplated moving back.

Working for the past half a year on new designs, I knew I wanted everything feel like me. I wanted to finally find my voice and have my designs speak for me. So I started paying attention. Instead of driving in order to get home, I tried to enjoy the ride. Instead of going to pick up the kids, I took a walk to pick them up. Trying to be intentional about where I lived really opened a creative outlet, allowing everything to finally come together design wise. I was finally letting my surroundings in.

The aesthetic outcome of me being intentional with my surroundings is a collection that really mixes my two loves - the city and the country, modern and natural. The personal outcome is me realizing this is home.


{All of the photos in this post were taken by my house. While editing them it was pretty amazing to see how well my new designs fit with the scenery!}


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