Moving Out

March 11, 2015

After eight year in what was supposed to be a temporary living situation, it's time to move out of the Caravan we've been calling home.

And lately it seems like our Caravan feels the change coming, and has given up on us. So many things have stopped working, our electricity is off and on, it's almost like our own home is kicking us out.


And we've sort of given up too. We've stopped cleaning the place, organizing - even putting the laundry away seems pointless. So we've been living out of the laundry basket, in unorganized chaos.

And I keep saying to myself -I have to clean up this mess and photograph our home. B/c when we moved out here, we were two young students, married for just two years, looking for a change. This adventure was something my husband wanted so badly, and he promised it would just be temporary, and we could always move back.

So we told ourselves we would live in the Caravan for two years, and if we liked the area, we'd move into a home we would build.

Then two years became three, then quickly four and five - and now we've been living here for eight years, with jobs and two kids and friends, and my most temporary living situation has become the longest time I've spent living in the same home. Ever.

The other day my son asked me, tears in his eyes, what will happen to our house when we leave. Will a truck come and take our house away?

And that's when it hit me - once we leave a crane will pick up our house and drive away with it, and we won't be able to come and visit and point and say this is where we used to live.

Which is really strange.

So I decided to take pictures of our home as it is now - with the messy tables and laundry stricken floors and and heaps of toys everywhere and broken front door handle that greets our guests.

I want to remember our home like this - the way we lived in it.

And now, off to our next adventure.

Wishing you all an exciting 2015,



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