March 24, 2015

Growing up with a brother and two sisters,   I was always "the organised one".

My kids room, I'll have a separate post about it soon

My parent house was very clean and tidy thanks to my mother. Somehow it was decided between my siblings that I would continue in my mothers footsteps. 

Yes, those are wifi cables hiding in there


And for a while I did fine. Growing up my room was always clean and super organized, and continued to be that way after I got married. But once my kids were born, it became harder and harder, and I felt like I was not living up to my genetic potential.

This is where we keep all the toys and loose things in our living room

It frustrated me. A lot.

And then I noticed something. My parents house was always full of baskets - all kinds. And there was never lose clutter anywhere.

So I designed a basket of my own, and it's made things much better. 

Toys? In the bin. Newspapers? In the bin. Wifi cables in a strange place by the door? Just put it in a bin.

These bins pack flat and assembly is quick and simple

So even though my storage bin can't clean floors or windows, it's very helpful to have a designated place for each thing around the house, and a designated place for loose things with no place at all.

You can buy these bins in small or large size, and if you have any questions shoot me an email here.

Until next time,


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