The Studio:

At Loop Design Studio we believe that there is no better feeling than feeling at home.

We've found that surrounding yourself with objects that you truly love, not just buying "stuff", is a great place to start.

Using natural materials and pared-down forms, we aim to create thoughtful pieces that are designed to help you feel at home no matter where you live.



My Story:

I am an Industrial designer living in a tiny rural village in Southern Israel.

Growing up my family moved a lot – we never spent more than two years in one house. Splitting our days between continents and cities, I do not know the feeling of growing up surrounded by the same walls. That being said, I always felt a strong sense of home in every apartment or home we moved to.

That had a lot to do with my Mothers understanding of “home” – a place filled with people you love and familiar things. My mother was known to schlep everything we owned from house to house to create a consistent feeling in all of the places we moved to, no matter how short the time we would spend there was going to be.

That is when my love of objects for the home began.

I studied Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, and after working for different companies I eventually started Loop Design as a place for me to create beautiful, functional designs to be part of your home.

I'm inspired by everyday life and the challenges they provide, my Mediterranean culture that favours large gatherings, preferably around the dinner table, and from where I live – surrounded by olive trees and vineyards for miles.