Hanging Planter // Dark Blue Thread

Simple and elegant, this hanging planter is made using dark blue cotton thread and a wood wall hook that looks as though it's sprouting from the wall.

Not like your regular hanging planter which attaches to the ceiling - this hanging planter attaches directly to the wall (I'll supply a plastic anchor + directions). A long wooden hook can be mounted wherever you like while the cotton thread runs through it in a grove all the way across the top, keeping the thread in place.

You can adjust the length for different sized planters.

This hanging planter includes the wood hook and macrame sling, planter is not included. As you can see in the different photos, many different kinds of planter shapes can be used, but weight shouldn't exceed 9lb (4 kg).


• Approximate Size : Hook: Length: 7 inches (18 cm) Thread: from tip of hook until base of planter about 19 in (50 cm)
• Choose from three different colored cotton thread: Heather Grey, Light Blue and Dark Blue
• Material: Oak and cotton thread
• These should only be installed in hard walls, not drywall. If you'd like to install on drywall please consult with a professional, as the anchor I supply isn't the right one for drywall.

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