Reclaimed Oak Tray

When I see a piece of wood, I often see a design hiding between the grains. That is what happened when I stumbled upon a piece of leftover Oak from a larger project. By carving out the slightest amount of wood, I was left with the perfect size tray, ideal for setting down your keys and change by the door, keeping your most worn jewelry pieces close by, or my favorite use – breaking bread and serving it with your favorite savory spreads.

A slight hint of color in the form of a colored lip and base gives the tray a modern look. 

Today the trays are made using cutting technology, but still hand finished and painted by me.


  • Made from reclaimed Oak wood, giving the tray a beautiful texture. Small imperfections like breaks and scratches in the wood are part of what makes them beautiful and unique.

  • Finished with food safe linseed oil.

  • Care: Over time, a patina will form on the tray giving it a beautiful feel and color. If you are using this tray for decoration or for serving dry foods, you will not need to oil it. Just make sure to clean it with a dry or damp cloth. If you are using it for wet foods (olives, cheese etc), wipe clean, do not immerse in water. Over time the tray may feel dry, simply oil down with vegetable based oil for long lasting use.

  • Size: 11" x 6" x 0.7" (28cm x 15cm x 2.2cm)

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